Learn how you make your dream travel career come true This year!
Top travel companies like Collette, specifically hire ITMI (International Tour Management Institute) graduates like Greg to lead their travelers around the world.

Do you dream of...

...making a living doing what you love?

...traveling all around the world with people and sharing your passion for your favorite places?

...seeing the joy and excitement in people's faces as you show them something they've waited their entire life to see?

...being a part of a community that feels like your chosen family, who understand you, share your desires, encourages you, and celebrates your successes?

...meeting new friends and building lifelong relationships around the world?

...broaden your mind by discovering exciting new things you can't learn from a book?

...being a part of a movement where you are truly making a difference everyday?

...taking control and living the next chapter of your life in a way that fills your heart with joy?
Thanks to ITMI, my dream travel career is a reality! 

Meenoy Kemball, ITMI Graduate 2019

“The day I read about ITMI and their travel director program, I felt a clear recognition and calling zing through my being. 

ITMI was the last bit I needed ... to continue on this ever-changing road to becoming a successful Travel Leader. 

Since graduating, I've landed travel jobs with 2 of the top tour companies!

In 2020, I’ll be training and leading Riverboat Tours in Europe!

Meet other ITMI graduates who are living their dream travel career...

Do you have a passion for adventure?

Disney hires ITMI graduates like Chris to become Adventure Guides
Are you ready to take that first step towards your dream travel career without having to wait for years of training and hoping to be hired?
Meet MattHew
Matthew came all the way from Australia to pursue his dream travel career. Since graduating from ITMI in 2019, Matthew has been offered jobs to lead tour groups in Australia and New Zealand by 2 major tour companies.
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The travel industry is booming with numerous opportunities to lead travelers around the world!

If this is your dream, you must have both the "right" training as well as the "right" connections to get hired! 

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